I am so glad I was able to participate in Charlsye’s mentoring group. From the first meeting until the last one I have felt inspired and uplifted. During the program I was able to let go of past fears and move forward with my life in huge ways. My life changed because of how I viewed myself and my previous choices. Not that I had made bad choices, just the choices I was making were not fulfilling me or serving my inner self. I was able to decipher through these choices and learn what was best for me. In life it’s true there is a good, better, best and I was able to let go of other influences and ask myself what really is best? Best for me and then best for my family, what can I do to change my circumstances for the better? And then I did. I changed in so many ways from the inside out and since the program has ended I still find myself making the best choices for me and that is an amazing feeling.

-Katie H.

Charlsye Miller is fantastic! There really isn’t a better word to describe her. I met her a few years back and we became quick friends. She has mentored me in both my professional and personal life. I particularly appreciate the latter so much. She has always made me feel special and she still does. She is always there when I need her. She always has practical advice and always follows up. She is my #1 mentor and anyone else who is looking to work with her is in for a real treat.

-Samantha R.

Charlsye has always been an inspiration and a role model. When I started doing mentoring and training calls with her, I learned that there are steps I can take to make me feel like that best woman I can be. I always left the calls with a feeling of determination and a focus on how I wanted to improve. I especially love how every challenge was to build on good things I already did instead of saying that I was doing something wrong, we always focused on the positive things in my life. She is still an inspiration and I love learning from her.

-Kimber C.

I have known Charlsye Miller for many years, and ever since I met her she has inspired me to learn more and to be better. She loves to learn and loves to share her knowledge to help and serve others. She has a great understanding of essential oils and how they can help our bodies; not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. These last few years she has really delved into self-improvement and has taught me so much just by being true to herself and standing in her power. It has been such an honor to know Charlsye and to watch her grow and inspire those around her. She is a true friend and I’m grateful to know her and learn from her!

-Adelle H.