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4 Steps to Creating a Family Mission and Why Your Family Needs One

  Quite a few years ago my friend told me about their “Family Mission.” I had never heard of this concept before and I was truly interested in what it entailed. So she showed it to me and I LOVED it. … Continue reading

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6 Lies that Moms Believe

Are you gullible? Do you tend to believe most of the things that people tell you? How about the lies that you tell yourself? Are you falling for those lies too??   It’s no lie, we are our own worst … Continue reading

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The War Against Pornography

  Mama’s what I’m about to share pulls at my heartstrings and forms knots in my stomach.  I feel I must share it because chances are, this exact same issue will come up in your home. You could be like … Continue reading

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What I Learned from Taking a 48-Hour Digital Detox

This past weekend our family went camping with my husband’s family.  The location was one where there was no cell reception at all and I’ll be honest, I was so excited for it. I don’t know about you, but at … Continue reading

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When God Asks You to Do Something That You Don’t Want to Do

Almost two years ago, I was out of state for a work meeting, when I received a phone call from my husband.  He was trying to get our kids off to school, but one of our children wouldn’t go. This child … Continue reading

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