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6 Lies that Moms Believe

Are you gullible? Do you tend to believe most of the things that people tell you? How about the lies that you tell yourself? Are you falling for those lies too??   It’s no lie, we are our own worst … Continue reading

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I’m Going to Be Selfish For 21 Days…

For 21 days I am going to focus on me and my needs.  I am going to take care of me! I am going to take breaks, exercise, sleep in or wake up before everyone else, meditate, enjoy my favorite … Continue reading

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One Simple Step to Finding More Joy

A few weeks ago I sat on the front porch and held my baby as we watched the older kids play with water on the trampoline. It immediately brought back memories of my cousin Rikki and I as we enjoyed … Continue reading

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The Thief in Your Life

The kids were all tucked in bed. My hubby and I were in our room, talking about our day. I excitedly told him about how well our two oldest boys were doing in homeschool. ¬†They were understanding what was being … Continue reading

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