I had the opportunity to listen to Charlsye speak at the Women’s Health Conference.   Her topic “Overcome Overwhelm” was a great message for women of all ages.   I noticed women around the room nodding their heads as she presented her message.  They were relating to what she was saying.  For me personally, when she said (and I’ll paraphrase) it’s okay to say no.   What you are being asked to do is not the priority that you need to focus on right now.   I’ve thought about this several times in the last few days.   So often we as women try to do everything for everybody.   This week  I caught myself actually saying “no, I can’t do that right now.”  I was able to admit that I just wasn’t able to help right at that time and not feel guilty about it.   This is just one example of the many tips that she shared with us on how to deal with the overwhelm in our lives.   I will definitely take the opportunity to attend all events that she presents at in the future.
-P. Duncan

I had the pleasure of attending the Women’s Health Conference by Summit Healthcare Regional Medical Center and Foundation for 2017. I came to this conference expecting to walk away with tools on how to better manage my time and how to conquer life’s sudden surprises. I highly achieved that goal with the help of the first speaker, Charlsye Miller. Who spoke on “Five Ways you Can Overcome Overwhelm and Create a Life of Peace and Joy”. My favorite part of her speech was how she began by telling the audience about her life and the things she has changed to better her life’s satisfaction and then she asked the audience about their troubles. She engaged with the audience and gave them a response that would better their situation. Also, the responses were something that could be used in many other situations. She got right to the heart with facts about everyone’s lives and what we all have in common. She helped me realize I need to reevaluate my priorities and provided me with the right tools on how to do so. I have a busy schedule with college and working that I often find myself saying, “I don’t have time for that” or “I can’t because of …”. However, with her help, I can do more things in a well-arranged way. I would highly recommend attending one of her speeches or reaching out to her personally.

– R. Holland

I recently had the privilege of hearing Charlsye speak at a women’s conference. She spoke with ease as she shared her life experiences and how she has learned to take care of herself on a daily basis. I left that day inspired to take better care of myself by implementing her easy steps into my days. Most importantly though, for me, was her message of how to add peace and joy into my personal life.

Should you be given the opportunity to hear this busy mother of five speak, I highly recommend you take time for yourself and listen to Charlsye.

-V. Knoll