Vision Board

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Chakra Vision Mastery – A 10 day, online course that helps you create a truly powerful and effective vision board, setting you up for a life of success and fulfillment.

Are you tired of creating the same old messy vision board that is plastered with images that don’t truly support and inspire you?  Are you ready to create a vision board that brings balance and fulfillment to your life? Are you ready to create a vision board that is constantly evolving as you create and achieve your goals?
The Chakra Vision Mastery course is designed to help you create visions and goals that truly vocalize the desires of your heart and soul. This vision board is intended to align with the chakras of our body as a guide. As a result, this vision board helps bring these chakras and our life into alignment, thus creating more success and achievement.


What’s Included?
*10 videos are sent to your inbox daily. These videos are filled with action steps and guidance that will help you create the ultimate chakra centered vision board.
*A high vibe tribe full of visionary women who are ready to manifest what they want most in life and who will help encourage and support you as you do the same.
*Coaching and support from Success & Mindset Coach, Charlsye Miller


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