Guest Post: Planning a Stress-Free Birthday Party

Have you fallen into the trap of making a birthday party stressful? I know I have.  As a new mom and even after having a few more children, I found myself getting stressed out as each of my kids’ birthday’s rolled around.  Last year I finally got it right and kept it simple and I found that I was ENJOYING the birthday parties.

Would you like to feel like you enjoy the party instead of loathing the stress? Well stay tuned because Katie is going to help you out!

Tips from a Toddler Parent

As we approached our daughter’s birthday, we realized summer was ending quickly and party planning had to begin. With the weather being quite warm in the Pacific Northwest lately, we had to come up with a plan that involved hot weather, a lot of people and a very busy little girl.


With a large family, executing a party can become overwhelming. I want to share my party planning tips for your next toddler birthday to make it stress-free and an enjoyable time. It isn’t worth getting caught up in the overall details…take it easy and have fun!


#1 Find a Reasonable Venue

When planning the “where” of a birthday party, there are many factors to consider. How many people, the time of year and the age of your little are just a few. Some of the places we thought of for our family were a park, a recreation center or our local indoor pool. We waited too long to book a park, but it was 95 degrees that day, so we were happy we didn’t. Instead, we hosted it at our local pool for a very reasonable rate.

#2 It Isn’t About The Little Things

As much as I love Pinterest, it can be a danger zone when planning a party, even for a toddler. Step away from the computer & don’t worry about the crazy decorations, the theme or the fluffy cake. Everyone is there for family and the birthday cutie, not the décor. A party banner, a few tablecloths and some adorable pictures of the little from the year are the only things you need.


#3 Keep It Short & Fluid

Toddlers are very busy and even more so when there is a party involved. Keep the party calm and simple for that reason alone…in your little one’s eyes, there is a lot going on. There really is no need for games at this age or planned activities. To keep the kids busy if needed before presents and swimming, we brought crayons, coloring books and paper for a kids crafts table!


#4 Ask For Things They Need

Be honest with your party attendees in what your little one needs and doesn’t need. For instance, ask for the next size up clothing or a new book. Is your toddler starting to find interest in a certain toy or game? Ask for additional items to add to that fun toy, such as new Little People or art supplies. It can be tough sometimes to speak up on gift ideas, but be rational and remember, they won’t be that age for long!



Meet Katie! She is a wife, girl mom, Oregonian, baby boutique manager and blogger newbie that is trying to balance it all! She can’t wait to meet you & chat about life at Tickled Scarlett

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