My Programs

Are you a Mompreneur, wanting to create a prosperous and thriving business, and still have a successful home and family life as well?Right now, you may feel like balancing home and work life is hard and flat-out impossible to achieve.   Maybe you’re afraid that because you are chasing your dreams, and creating a successful business that means that you’ll fail in your home?

It could be that you are scared to live your dreams because you’ve failed at implementing the training you’ve received before and you don’t want to waste any more of your precious and valuable time.  

You could feel like your butt is getting kicked and you’re doing crazy things like “self-sabotage” as you run away from true success and fulfillment.

Or maybe you are already stressed out and overwhelmed and you’re not quite sure how to manage your time effectively, to get the results you want.

And yet you can’t let go of the idea of BEING FINANCIALLY FREE and having it come from doing something you are passionate about.

Well, guess what?

You don’t have to.

You can be an amazing mom who is growing a thriving HOME AND BUSINESS.



Hi! I am Charlsye Miller and I am a Success & Mindset Coach.  I also happen to be a mother to 5 kiddos who keep life fun.

After years of feeling unfulfilled and stressed out as I tried to balance work and family…

…and believing all the mom guilt that came along with trying to achieve my goals….

…and feeling like everything I was trying, just wasn’t working…

only to end up pulling back from what I wanted to create, because of fear of failure AND fear of success…

I finally decided to grab life by the horns, STEP INTO MY POWER and start creating the life I desired.

And now, I get to teach women how to do this exact thing!

Each day I get to work with other amazing Mompreneurs who are setting and achieving goals and changing the world with their talents, all while building a business and home life that they love.  They are creating financial freedom as they follow their passion and work in a job they are truly passionate about.

Instead of running-and-screaming-for-the-hills AWAY from success, they too, are STEPPING INTO THEIR POWER, so they can create a financially successful business without the drama they used to have.

The Intentional Mompreneur is a 6-month private mentoring program where you and I  will work one and one as we dive deep and face the issues that are causing you to run from success and EMBRACE it instead.

In this program, we will focus on teaching you how to implement and use all the tools you’ve been taught but haven’t been using. Plus, we will create daily success habits that will launch you forward on this path to success, so you can make habits that will last a lifetime.

Instead of setting goals that flop, we will set precise goals and you’ll learn the key steps it takes to successfully achieve your goals. You’ll feel accomplished and you’ll have a sure knowledge of who you are, what you want from life and how you can go about achieving it.

Those feelings of stress and overwhelm will fade away as you learn how to manage time and live the life of an ESSENTIALIST because building your own prosperous business and having a family doesn’t have to be stressful and overwhelming. So, in this program, I’ll show you how you can create the thriving business you wish you had, and still have plenty of quality time to spend with your family and on yourself so that you can feel more peace and fulfillment instead.

Speaking of yourself-

Instead of feeling like you are about to break from being stretched so thin from all the duties that come with being a wife, mother, sister, friend and business owner, you’ll learn the art of self-care and how vital it is to not only your well-being but to those in your care.

So, are you READY to TAKE CHARGE of your life, STEP INTO YOUR POWER and ACHIEVE the goals you’ve set?