Hello World!

   Hi, everyone! Thanks for stopping by my blog!  My name is Charlsye (CHAR-L-SEE) and I have been married to my awesome hubby, Jerry, for nearly 13 years now. I am a mentor, public speaker and homeschooling mom to 5 wild and crazy kiddos. I have 10 and 8-year-old boys, 5-year-old girl/boy twins and a 1-year-old daughter, so life can be pretty crazy and overwhelming but it can also be so very rewarding and FUN! My family has been my biggest support and my best teachers on this journey called life.

I am not a fan of snakes, spiders, dusting my home, or being cold. But I am a woman who loves Jesus, sour candy, books, (especially the smell of them) volleyball, and thunderstorms.

A few years ago, as a young mother to 4 kids, under the age of 5, I felt like I was about to lose my mind.  I couldn’t identify with who “I” was anymore.  Everything I had, I gave to my family, friends and anyone else who needed me.  However, in the meantime, I forgot that I needed me.

I knew something needed to change, so I started a journey. A journey that has reminded me that it’s okay to have goals and dreams.  A journey that has taught me that I can love myself, exactly as I am.  That self-care is not only a real thing, but it’s vital to my well-being and also to those in my care. This is a journey that I am going to be on for the rest of my life and I’d love for you to stick around and join me on it as well.

This blog will be filled with many of the “sunshine and roses” moments of my life, but it will also be filled with the real, ugly, raw, and authentic moments that each of us moms face.  It will be filled with tips and inspiration as I share what helps me to keep going, on the good and bad days.  You’ll see my weaknesses but you’ll also see my strengths. You’ll see my trials and my triumphs.

In the meantime, hopefully, you’ll learn your strengths as well.  You’ll learn WHO you are, what talents you have and what your passions are too. You’ll dream again.  You’ll set and achieve goals again.   You’ll learn to love AND embrace who you are, exactly as you are now.  You’ll find that life isn’t simply about surviving, but about THRIVING.

So, thank you for stopping by, as this real mom shares her real life and please feel free to subscribe to my newsletter.  By doing so, you’ll automatically get a FREE Audio Download that shares 5 Steps to Living a Happier Life.  I’m so excited for you to join me on this amazing journey of self-discovery.


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9 Responses to Hello World!

  1. Phyllis Goodson says:

    I just love the warmth, joy and transparency in this blog! The world needs more of this please! Love it Charlsye !! <3

  2. Phyllis says:

    I just love the warmth, joy and transparency in this blog!! The world needs more of this please!! Love it Charlsye ❤️

  3. Ali says:

    So awesome Charlsye! Can’t wait to hear more!

    • Charlsye Miller says:

      Thanks Ali! And thanks so much again for my header. You are so talented. I absolutely love it!

  4. Julie Margo says:

    Charlsye you are such a gift to the world at large and in my life <3 Thank you so much for sharing you <3

    • Charlsye Miller says:

      Thank you, sweet Julie. I am blessed to know you and to have your support. <3

  5. Love this!!

    • Charlsye Miller says:

      Thank you, Wendy! Feel free to stick around and join me on this journey. 🙂

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