Guest Post: The Not So Magical Life of a Stay at Home Mama

I remember the day my first son was born.  I held him and instantly knew that I needed to be a stay home mama.  I had planned on going back to work, just part time. My boss was more than willing to work with me and was flexible with the schedule I’d need to work.  But in one moment, my plans changed and I decided to join the magical life of being a stay at home mom.

Little did I know, I was about to embark on the hardest, most rewarding job ever. There’s definitely magical moments in parenting, but there are also so very, not so magical moments as well, and our guest blogger Kristin is going to share a bit about it.

I’ve dreamed of being a mom, particularly a stay at home mom, ever since I can remember. I envisioned loving every single day with my babies, witnessing every smile and helping them achieve every milestone; being the first person they sleepily wake up to hug in the morning and the last person to wish them sweet dreams before nodding off to sleep.

Doesn’t that sound magical?

…I wish every day was as magical as my young and VERY naive dreams.

I have two amazingly smart and beautiful daughters, a 1 year old and a 2.5 year old. Two years ago I made the tough but long-awaited decision to quit my perfect high school teaching job to stay home and care for our little ones while my then fiance pursued his career.

Even though I feel so incredibly lucky that I get the opportunity to witness every smile, harness every snuggle and wipe away every tear there are some days that I’m ready to walk, no run back to my career. But I continue to remind myself (as was recommended to me lol) that these days will soon be over and I’ll miss even the toughest moments of their young lives.

Truth is I do love witnessing all the smiles, helping them through all the crazy milestones and watching them evolve into the little people they are. We enjoy having a somewhat flexible schedule that allows us to go with the flow of the day (more like the moods of the day). If we feel like walking to the playground, we go. If we feel like vegging out in the house playing and watching movies, we do. We can pack up and head to the nearby zoo or art museum for a few hours or visit with family and friends. And believe me, ventures out of the house with other real people are greatly needed and appreciated as a stay at home mom.

But some days nothing works and just the thought of the upcoming wrestling match while trying to brush my toddler’s insanely crazy hair is enough to halt any further thoughts of attempting to venture out into public. I mean, I don’t even know how it gets that bad every single day.


Being a stay at home mom is more than challenging; there are so many things to juggle. It’s by far the hardest “job” I’ve ever had and it kicks my butt almost every day. And it’s not just caring for a high-needs, demanding toddler and a constantly gassy/teething 1 year old; it’s the never-ending piles of laundry, the numerous bills due at different times of every month, the fourth poopy diaper of the day at 10am, the crumbled goldfish in the rug after just sweeping, the cooked meals that go un-touched, the tantrums and screaming through the grocery store, the lost toy that suddenly caused the ending of the world, the dreaded doctor appointments, the hopeful highs and unwelcomed lows of post-partum depression, the unexpected phone call from my husband at the end of his already long work day saying he won’t be home for a few more hours (i.e. after the littles are in bed), etc.


you know those dreaded calls…


It’s exhausting. And it definitely wasn’t part of my magical dreams.

And at the end of the day, I’m freaking tired. Because being a stay at home mom is way more than it seems.

So what does your not-so-magical life as a stay at home mom look like??


You can find Kristin on her blog and Instagram. 

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