Guest Post: Glow-Getter: Confidence Without Make-Up

We all know beauty is rooted in confidence, but for how many of us is confidence rooted in our makeup?

What would you say if I told you that you could be confident in yourself rather than your makeup?

Do you suddenly feel as if you’re about to be exposed?

Perhaps a little insecure?

I’d like to point out that I do not feel there is anything wrong with makeup.

I view makeup as an art form and every artist I’ve encountered has utilized their craft and artistic medium as a means of self-expression and a way to share a piece of them self with those willing to look and accept, rather than a means of hiding.

I am not anti-makeup, I am pro-YOU.

So, how do we get ahold of this confidence, you might ask?

Through self-care.

Jim Rohn put it best when he said, “What is easy to do, is easy not to do.”

There are four areas that require nurturing for complete self-care:

1) Spiritual, 2) Mental, 3)Emotional/Social, and 4) Physical

I LOVE the area of physical self-care because of my personal experience with it and how I saw the fulfillment of each of the other areas as a result- that’s my kind of goal achievement!

Physical self-care consists of things like diet, exercise, & hygiene/grooming, etc. Hygiene/Grooming is the easiest place to start as we all accomplish this with some kind of regularity. So if everyone already does it, why is it so important to discuss?

The difference between a utilitarian action and self-care is mindset- what’s the motivation?

Are we simply avoiding unpleasant body odor, or, are we taking the time to show and send out gratitude for our physical existence by nurturing our physical self?

I remember having to come to terms with my own self-worth and I realized I was stalling when it came down to signing up with my skin care and makeup company.

I wasn’t avoiding owning my own business or familiarizing myself with great, results-driven products; I was stalling on having to look in the mirror, inevitably facing the tangible markers of neglect.

I was a new mom to a then 4-month-old and I had been very sick the entire pregnancy. While I kept up basic hygiene, self-care was completely off the table.

I’d lost my confidence, my self-worth, and my identity as an individual.

It was then that I understood I had to believe I was worth it if I wanted to get these things back. I signed up with my company, LimeLight by Alcone, received my kit, and I began my journey.

As I began to exfoliate my skin brightened, as did my outlook on my day ahead. As I began to moisturize I no longer shied away from my boyfriend’s tough embarrassed about dry skin.

I was once again becoming confident.

I wasn’t dreading catching my reflection the mirror anymore because now I was able to see the tangible markers of self-appreciation and healing.

Everything I was accomplishing in the physical had a direct parallel to the Spirit, which positively affected my mentality, which allowed me to open up emotionally and socially.

This was so much more than facewash, lotions, and potions; this was skin care with a

I was getting myself back.

I was filling my reservoir and because I was consistently filling that reservoir I was able to give from it without depletion.

As my confidence and comfort level has increased with time and practice, people notice the difference in my skin.

I am being told I have a “healthy glow” and I enjoy sharing my products, providing solutions, and creating happy clients with whom I have meaningful relationships.

I love wearing makeup but I’m not embarrassed if I leave the house without it.

Going one step further, I enjoy the liberating feeling of it!

And it’s okay if someone happens to catch me under the horrid fluorescent light of a ladies room because…

I have become a glow-getter.

Hi there, I’m Kendra Hook, Independent Beauty Guide with LimeLight by Alcone, self-proclaimed Glow-Getter, mommy to one amazing little boy, girlfriend, problem solver, lover of chili cheese fries, and believer of dreams. I’m originally from Granada Hills, Ca. and, as of recently, currently reside in the mountains of Northern Arizona, my true home. I am loving my life as an entrepreneur accompanying my clients on their own journeys of empowerment and self-confidence through the magic and beauty of natural-based skin care and professional makeup, which until recently, was only available to those in the entertainment industry. I love a journey; it is a blessing and a gift to watch my own story continue to unfold and to have the opportunity to share it with all of you along the way!

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