Guest Post: 5 Life Changing Makeup Tips for Moms Short on Time and Sanity

I’m going to be honest right now and let you know that makeup is not my specialty.  When it comes to makeup, I wear what I feel I feel I need to, to get by, but I don’t try new things often. 1. I don’t have time to redo my makeup if I don’t like it and 2. I have no idea if it even looks good.  HA!

Luckily my guest blogger, Felicia can help you out.  So, to all you buys mama’s out there, read on and see if these 5 tips help you feel a little more dressed up, without adding stress to your life.

For most moms, finding the time to take a hot shower can be as elusive as spotting the Easter Bunny on Sunday morning. Finding the time to beautify yourself for a date night with the hubby just isn’t in the cards. Usually, what little time you do find is spent picking food out of your hair from lunch time four hours prior and making sure you have clean undies on. We get it! It’s hard work to manage tiny monsters that seem to get into everything! That’s why I’ve taken it upon myself to share my ultimate time-saving secrets to have you looking gorgeous on the fly. But don’t take my word for it. Try them yourself and then conquer the world with your beautiful self!

Makeup Tip #1 Go Au Natural

On your nails that is! If you are the type of mom that worries about everything (and trust me, we all are!) make it so there’s one less thing to worry about. Your nails! Opt to keep them free of polish or just wear a clear coat. That way they won’t chip or peel. Instead, keep a nail file handy and use cuticle oil on your nails daily. Your fingernails will always look well put together, even without polish as long as they are groomed nicely, which saves you time on painting and drying them yourself.

Makeup Tip #2 Skip the Eyeshadow

When I asked women what they felt took the most time when getting ready for date night with their significant other, they almost always said eye makeup. But there’s no need to go full smokey eye to look gorgeous. Feel pretty and polished by just using eyeliner and mascara instead.The mascara will lift your lashes making your eyes appear larger, and the liner will give subtle drama to your look. Voila, you’ve saved about 10 minutes on getting ready. You’re welcome.

Makeup Tip #3 Eyelash Extensions

While we are on the topic of lashes, there is a way you can skip applying mascara altogether while still getting the full lash effect. Eyelash extensions are a painless method of gluing semi-permanent lashes to your existing lashes, to make them longer and fuller. The lashes last about a month and no mascara is needed! An added bonus is that your lashes will look long and thick even when you aren’t wearing makeup. The only caveat is you will have to have your lashes professionally done, but the time saved on makeup application is priceless.

Makeup Tip #4 Red Lipstick

Trust me on this one. Even if you ditch all other makeup, slap on some red lipstick before you leave the house. It will look like you’ve spent time on your makeup when in reality it only took you 10 seconds to apply. There’s just something about red lipstick that gives off the aura of looking well put together, even if you are falling apart and still wearing yesterday’s bra.

Makeup Tip #5 Take Time to Breathe

You’ve spent all day being super mom, the cleaner of messes and chef to little monsters whose appetite cannot be sustained. You’ve earned some time to breathe. Take a moment while getting ready to just reflect on yourself. Ask your hubby or partner to watch the kids for 10 extra minutes while you take care of YOU! Look at yourself in the mirror and remind yourself that you got this. Pour a glass of wine. Enjoy the quiet (or mostly quiet) while you apply that red lipstick. Appreciate who you are, because you truly are a bad-ass, beautiful woman!

So there you go mommas. Try these simple makeup tips to make life a little easier while you are getting ready to go out. You’re already beautiful, no matter what makeup you do or don’t apply. With a little extra time on your hands, who knows what you can accomplish! Go forth and conquer the world!



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