Guest Post: 16 Ways One Couple Paid Off $33,000 in Debt


Are you ready for some good, but simple tips on how you can pay off debt? In today’s guest post, Holly from MrsSavvySaver shares 16 ways she and her husband paid off $33,00 worth of debt!!

Now, that’s a lot of debt to pay off.  It was no small feat that they accomplished it. However, if you read the article you’ll see that the things they did to pay off that large amount of debt, was really simple and doable.

You’ll read this article and walk away feeling like you can do the same thing they did…and that’s exactly our goal today.

I hope you enjoy reading these tips as much as I did, and better yet, I hope you apply a few of them to your life, if you’re looking for ways to pay off any debt that you may have.


16 Ways One Couple Paid

off $33,000 Worth of Debt.

{And how you can learn from them.}

Hello friend, my name is Holly and this is my story on how we have paid off $33,000
worth of debt. My story is not the typical, we made more money and we paid off the debt
but instead, it’s how we went from 2 incomes to 1 and still paid off the loan! Crazy, right!

Well, sometimes life is a rollercoaster right?!

My Prince Charming and I were married in 2004 and on day one of marriage we shared
$17,000 worth of school debt. One month later moved to beautiful, sunny Florida for him
to finish school. It was like living in paradise all the time! I loved it. The sun was always
shining, we lived 9 miles from the beach and we were newly weds, in debt and dealing
with it a day at a time.

We knew debt was going to be hanging over our heads from the school loans he had
taken out so we committed to paying off each school bill as it came due, during the time
he was in school. It was a big bite out of our paychecks but it was worth the hard work.
This choice saved us from paying interest on 2 ½ years worth of schooling.

How did you do that you are asking? I’m glad you asked.

Here are 16 ways we cut spending and saved.

1. We had a budget that we stuck to each month.
For years that budget was on an Excel spreadsheet and would take me two hours or so
every couple of weeks to update. It wasn’t always up to date which frustrated me. Finally
I came across two apps that work AMAZINGLY easy. More info on that here.

2. We saved for Christmas spending all year long so we didn’t rack up credit card
bills at the end of the year.

3. He worked a part time job while in grad school. I worked full time.

4. He picked up extra work by delivering furniture at night.

5. We only had one checking account and both our incomes were deposited in the
same account. We budgeted off our combined incomes.

6. We did every cheap date night you can think but still had fun together. I have date nights as here are some unique ideas!

7. I packed a lunch for work instead of eating out with my co-workers.

8. Honey’s schedule allowed him to eat at home most days.

9. We reevaluated the budget and cut out extra spending for toys and such.

10. I looked at our biggest spending categories in our budget. Insurance was a big one
so I looked at each policy closely and made phone calls. I saved over $600 a year
by adjusting some things on our auto policy. More on that in this post.

11. I consolidated the student loans from two companies into one. This lowered the
interest we were paying and gave us one loan bill instead of two each month.
{This is my best advice for anyone with student loans! It saved us a ton of
money! }

12. Almost every meal we ate at home.

13. For a year we house sat for a family. This saved on rent big time!

14. We shared cell phone charges with family by using a family plan and paying our

15. We paid extra each month on the school bills.

16. We used our tax return money to pay down the loan.

I’m here to tell you, sister, it was worth it!! It’s a great feeling to pay off so much debt.
More of your money becomes yours to spend and use as you please. You aren’t held back
from goals in life that you truly want to accomplish. Pressure to pay the creditors doesn’t

It really is freeing.

Personal finances are a fact of life, just like laundry and dirty dishes, right sister?!
Sometimes they can be overwhelming, frustrating and depressing. I TOTALLY
understand but as you start to gain confidence and grow your knowledge you really can
be successful with handling your money. That is why I educate women about budgeting
and saving money at my blog I love teaching others that you
can succeed with the money they have.

These questions are good to ask yourself when thinking about your current financial life.

Am I where I want to be?

What am I doing today to change my financial course to help me real my BIG life goal?

Do I know how much money goes toward my bills, debts and what is left over for
spending on any given day?

Are my habits getting in the way of saving more money?

These are just a few to get you thinking.

Would you like to learn more tips and save?


Then be sure to join our $1000 is 31 Days Challenge. We begin August 1st! All the
challenge info is right here.

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