Guest Post: 10 Games to Play With Your Kids on Rainy Days

When Gayle and I were collaborating and discussing a good topic for the guest blog post today, I loved her idea of sharing things we can do with our kids on rainy days. I’m in Arizona, where monsoon season is a real and crazy thing. Rain, thunder, and lightning strike each afternoon and evening, and kids get antsy from being stuck indoors and they long to be outside again.

Well, when Gayle sent me over her post, a few days ago, I couldn’t help but read her ideas and give them a try.  We haven’t experienced much rain yet, instead, we’ve had a major heat wave come through and temperatures have exceeded 105* where we live, so that kept us indoor more than we liked.

Luckily, I had her ideas to save the day because my kids have had so much fun with.  Sometimes it is hard to find games for all of my kids to play since they range in age from 1-10 so I love that these are games each of them will play together.  An added bonus is that the games are easy for the kids to do together, without help from me, if I’m needing to get work done.  They love taking turns, being the one in charge of the scavenger hunt and memory and I love hearing them laugh and play together.

These games have been huge sanity savers in our home and I’m sure you’ll enjoy them just as much!

From Gayle Smith:

In an ideal world, summer time would only be filled with sunshine, warm weather and loads of time spent outside with your kids. Unfortunately, Mother Nature is fickle. We all know there will be days where the rain is coming down outside and our kids are going crazy inside. Never fear, mama, for I have the answer for you!

Here, I have compiled a list of my favourite games to play with my kids on a rainy day. These games are simple, require either simple supplies (or none at all!) and will provide you with an afternoon of fun with your children.

  1. Send them on a Scavenger Hunt

Write down a list of 10-15 items around the house and challenge your kids to find them all. Give them a bag or basket to put all the scavenged items in. Give out prizes for first, second and third place etc. so everyone wins.

  1. Bump Dance

This is a different take on the classic “freeze dance.” Put on some music and tell your kids that they must sit when the music stops. Watch your children race to be the fastest to drop onto their bottom once the music goes off. Make sure the rules are clear; the kids must sit on their bums, legs crossed to be the “winner.”

  1. Pictionary

You don’t need the board game to play this one with your kids. Just grab some crayons and paper and you’re good to go. Choose your own topic and take turns drawing pictures. First to guess what your drawing gets a point. I even do this with my 2-year-old and 3-year-old, I just do all the drawing and they do the guessing.

  1. Indoor Marco Polo

This game is usually played in the pool but take it to another level by playing inside! First, push back the furniture in your living room to create as big of an open space as possible. Next, blindfold the person who will be “it.” The person who is “it” calls out “Marco” and everyone else should respond “Polo.” Using the sound of everyone’s voice, the person who is “it” tries to tag the other players. Make a rule that everyone should walk to make things fair (and safe!)

  1. Hide and Go Seek

This classic hiding game is great for kids of any age. The person who is “it” counts to 10 or 20 while everyone else hides. The person who is “it” must then find everyone else. For older kids, give them the option of hiding anywhere in the house. For the younger set, keep the game confined to a single room or floor of the house. When I play this with my toddler, we just use the upstairs bedrooms.

  1. Charades

Choose some people, animals or things to act out and write them down with your kids. Put all the ideas in a bowl and when it’s your turn, draw one of the ideas and act it out. Whoever guesses who or what you are, gets a point.

  1. Guess What’s Different

I used to play this game with my Kindergarten students and they loved it. One person leaves the room and changes something about their appearance (for example, putting their shirt on backward, taking out an earring or untying a shoe). When they come back to the room the other players must guess what’s different about the person who left.

  1. Memory Fun

When you’re kids are out of the room, collect and display a variety of objects (toys, utensils, books etc.) on a table or tray. Cover the objects with a cloth or blanket. Tell your children you are going to lift the cloth for 60 seconds and they must remember as many objects as possible. After you have replaced the cloth, have your kids write down as many objects that they can remember. Whoever remembers the most is the winner!

  1. Don’t Laugh!

Grab a timer and pick one person to be “it”. The person who is “it” has to try not to smile or laugh for 60 seconds while everyone does their best to get them to just that. Try your best joke, a funny face or a silly dance and see if the other person can keep a straight face.

  1. Indoor Hopscotch

Grab some masking tape and create a hopscotch grid on your kitchen floor. A beanbag or Ziploc baggie filled with rice makes a soft marker. The first player throws the bean bag into square “1.” They must hop over that square, go to the end and hop back, picking up the marker on their way. Each player does the same and then everyone has a turn again, this time throwing the marker into square “2.” Continue until a player falls, misses the square they are supposed to throw the marker in or forgets to pick up the marker (if any of these happen, that player is “out”) Last player standing is the winner.

Photo Source: Markus Spiske

Gayle Smith is a former teacher, current blogger, and mommy of two. She loves doing fun stuff with her kids and is passionate about keeping life uncomplicated. You can read her blog at or follow her on Facebook and twitter @eversimplemom

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