6 Ways a Mentor Can Help You Create the Life You’re Meant to Live

A few years ago I embarked on a new journey.  I was tired of getting the same results in life and I wanted something to change but didn’t really know how to make that happen. So, I hired my first mentor.

Choosing a mentor was not an “easy” choice for me to make.  I would be spending a big chunk of money and I was wasn’t sure if 1. I was worth that much (I’m used to spending money on everyone else, and this was out of my comfort zone.) 2. If the investment would be worth it. Would I just be throwing money away??

Well 1. I was and am worth it. (my mentor helped me see this in all aspects of my life)  and 2. It was one of the best investments I’ve ever made and I’ll continue to make these investments in myself for the rest of my life.

Here’s why:

1.Gain Clarity

I remember sitting in a room with 25 other amazing women, who had all signed up for a year long mentoring program. Our mentor, Tiffany Peterson, asked us to write down why we were there.  What did we want from this program? What did we expect to gain?

I wrote down a paragraph but now I can’t really remember exactly what it said.  However, she asked people to please share what they wanted.

A few moments later, she asked if anyone wanted to share their thoughts.

One lady said it simply and perfectly.


When I heard this word, I realized that this one word summed up everything that I had written down.

Clarity. This one word summed up everything that I was yearning for. Click To Tweet

How could I reach my goals? Could I really learn to love myself? Could I be successful in my business and at home?

100% without a doubt, I can say that having a mentor helped me gain clarity.  It helped me learn how I can hone in on whatever it is I may be lost or confused about and chose my path with certainty.


Have you ever tried to start something new, like a diet, exercise or perhaps you need to stop doing something like drinking?

If you tried it alone, how did it go?

You probably caved eventually right?

You had a bad day, so you ate that bag of chips, skipped out at the gym or gave in to that drink.

Why did you cave?

Because there was no one there to help.

When those bad days came along, which they always do, no one was there to remind you of your goals.  No one was there to cheer you on and support you.  No one was there to talk you out of giving up.

BUT, if you did have someone you could turn to. If there was someone who knew what you were aiming for and they didn’t let you stop trying, then you’d have more strength to keep going.   If you said you’d do something by a certain date, and you didn’t do it, they’d know about it.

That is why I had to have a mentor.  I knew I needed someone who was in my corner. I needed someone who wasn’t a relative or close friend, but who knew what I was going through and would help push me when I was struggling and and who’d cheer me on when I was succeeding.

 3.Overcome Obstacles

Life knocks you down, that’s a given, but why does it seem like right when you think you’re about to reach the top of the mountain, you fall down and have to somehow find the strength to keep going?  Why is it that when you’re ready to improve, ready to make a change, that life gives you some of the hardest setbacks??

It’s because your internal radar knows that something is changing and it discourages you from making a difference and reaching your goals.

By hiring a mentor you’ll learn how to see this and work past all the obstacles that come up so that you can make it to the summit.


4.Shifting Your Mindset

Before I started working with mentors, I had a pretty typical mindset.  I felt like everything happened to me, not for me.  When something came up that I didn’t like, I wondered why life had to be so hard.  Why did this ALWAYS have to happen to me?

I also felt like there was never enough…time, money, anything really.  My mentors helped me shift this way of thinking.  I learned that what we think about, comes to us.  So if I wanted to have an abundance of anything, I’d have to think that way.

Shifting my mindset was one of the greatest things I’ll be grateful for learning.  It has taken away my “victim mentality” and has empowered me.  I’ve come to learn that while I don’t have control over everything that happens in my life, I do have the power to choose how I’ll react to it, and really, that gives me all the power I need.


5. Build Your Self-Confidence

Before I started working with the many mentors I’ve had, I realized that my self-confidence was slowly fading.  Gradually, I believed in myself and in my ability, less and less.  I was constantly doubting myself.

When it came to setting goals, I would do it, but I didn’t REALLY believe I’d be able to accomplish them.   It was almost as if I was waiting to see if I’d fail once more.

As a wife and mother, I was doubting my ability to take care of my family.  I always worried about if I was “enough.” Did I show them enough love?  Did I help them enough? Did I teach them enough? Then I’d think of all the things I did wrong that day and my self-confidence would slowly fade away.

Each mentor I’ve had has helped me see that I am enough and that I can succeed in life.  I’ve set and achieved goals I never would have imagined and it’s all because my mentors helped show me that anything is possible.  They believed in me and when someone believes in you, you start to believe in yourself.

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6. Encourage You to Follow Your Dreams

When I signed up with one of my very first mentors, I initially signed up because I wanted to know how to be successful in my the business I was working at the time. I was sick of setting goals and not reaching them and I was tired of dealing with the same issues, day in and day out.  I thought that my mentor would show pull out a crystal ball and I’d see exactly what I needed to do to finally have a successful business.

Boy, was I wrong.

Instead, my mentor sparked something inside of me I didn’t even know existed. I remember the moment like it was yesterday.  I was sitting in a room with a group of women and we had all just shared some pretty raw and intimate details of our lives and the struggles and challenges that we personally faced, but each one of us walked away feeling uplifted and loved.

As I sat there I thought, “THIS is what I want to do. I want to help women like this.” Then as quickly as that thought came, I shut it out and told myself I couldn’t do that.  I already had a business I was working on and committed to.

So, I pushed the thought aside and kept working my business.  I kept trying to force something that just wasn’t fulfilling me anymore.  In the back of my head, I’d remember the thought and feelings I had that day and those thoughts gave me excitement.

Finally, the time came for me to have a private mentoring session with my coach and although I hadn’t planned on talking to her about it, it came up. She asked me what set my soul on fire and instantly I knew what it was.

Helping women. Seeing them overcome obstacles that they face and showing them that they can have an amazing life. THAT sets my soul on fire.

She asked me why I was still trying to force a business I didn’t love, instead of following my heart? She shared the struggles of being a mentor, she was honest and sincere, but she encouraged me to do what I wanted and felt called to do.

So that’s how I got here and that’s how I became a mentor.  She helped me see what I wasn’t willing to see at the moment.  I was encouraged to chase my dreams and now I am creating the life I’m meant to live.

Hiring a mentor taught me all of this, and so much more about myself and the life I was living vs. the life I wanted to live.

Have you ever had a mentor? If so, what did they help teach you?

Are you living the life you want? If not, I highly recommend that you look for and hire a mentor that speaks to you.  You’ll never regret it.


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2 Responses to 6 Ways a Mentor Can Help You Create the Life You’re Meant to Live

  1. James Smith says:

    What a great idea. I love that you found help with a mentor. I’d love to get some guidance, as well as eventually help someone else.

  2. Rae says:

    This is great advice for both getting a mentor and becoming one for someone else. Having and being a mentor has impacted my career and personal life so much! Thank you for posting this.

    Mindful Rambles

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