5 Things You Must do NOW to Achieve Your Goals


Are you tired of setting goals and not achieving them?

If so, then stay tuned because I’m about to share a few secrets that have helped me reach the goals I’ve set out to accomplish.  I know if you follow these 5 steps, you’ll accomplish your goals in no time.


First, we have to dream right? We have to have direction in where we are going.

We have to have direction in where we are going.

Can you remember the movie Alice in Wonderland? Alice was walking along, trying to find out where she was going when she came upon the Chesire Cat.  She asked the cat which direction she needed to go, and so he replied by asking her where she was going.

Well, she didn’t know where she wanted to go, so the cat let her know that it really didn’t matter what path she took then.

We cannot be like Alice.

We have to know what we want.

Picturing the destination is the first part in achieving your goals.

Once you know where you want to be, you’ll know what you need to do to get there.


The second step to achieving your goals is believing it is possible.

What we put out to the universe comes back to us, so we need to mentally be ready for all the good that can come to us, by being open to it and receiving it.

One way you can work on believing that your goal can actually happen is by writing it down.

There is power in the written word.

It is said that, A goal not written is merely a wish. Click To Tweet

When you’ve written it down, that idea you once had, now becomes something you’re dedicated to achieving.  This one action shows the universe that you’re ready to play full out and in return, the universe is ready to give it to you.

A second way you can start believing in your ability to achieve this goal is to give up the “I CAN’T” talk.

If you are constantly telling yourself that you can’t lose the weight, save the money, get the promotion, then it won’t happen.  You have to get rid of the word CAN’T.

You CAN do anything.

Start saying I CAN and before you know it, you’ll believe it and you’ll have the results to prove it.


Sometimes we look at these big goals and get intimidated. We suddenly think they aren’t realistic and self-doubt creeps in.

We suddenly think they aren’t realistic and self-doubt creeps in.

That’s where breaking it down, comes in handy.

Maybe your goal is to lose 30 pounds or perhaps you want to pay off  $10,000 in debt. Well, you won’t lose all the weight at once or earn all the money at one time either.  You’ve got to break it down.

Make a plan and take it step by step.  One thing that really helps me is to mind map.

Put your goal in the center circle and then make spokes off it to help you get clear on what it is going to take to reach that goal.


We can’t just wish that the weight would fall off, or the debt will be paid, although that would be nice.

We have to take action.

Abraham Lincoln said, Things may come to those who wait, but only those left by those who hustle Click To Tweet

So yeah, you can be patient and wait around for the things you want, and maybe they will come eventually, but while you’re waiting, all the DOERS will be getting the things you want because they are actually working towards it.

Dr. Wayne Dyer said, The world doesn't pay you for what you know, it pays you for what you do. Click To Tweet

You can know how to lose weight, pay off debt, reach the next rank in your business or save a million dollars, but if you don’t actually go DO it, no one will know any different and you won’t be compensated for anything.

So, go take action now.

Start at square one and keep on going until your goal is reached.


When I say celebrate, I mean EVERYTHING.

Celebrate the BIG and the SMALL things.

When we break the goals down into smaller steps, like I mentioned in step 2, we need to celebrate each milestone.  Those small successes will remind us that we can achieve what we set out to achieve.

That’s one more reason why breaking the goal into steps helps.  When we see that the small steps are getting done, we realize that the BIG goal is almost in sight.

It gives us the strength to keep going.

So, go do a victory dance, eat your favorite meal and have a toast to the amazing things you’ve accomplished already.

When I’m consistently doing these 5 steps, I’m unstoppable and I know you can and will be too.

What is one goal you have right now? Can you see how these 5 steps can help you achieve them?



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4 Responses to 5 Things You Must do NOW to Achieve Your Goals

  1. I’m totally a believer in celebrating small wins… Sometimes we talk ourselves out of that by convincing ourselves “it’s no big deal”. I think accomplishment begets more accomplishment so we might as well make it fun! Great post.

  2. Melissa says:

    Great steps! I especially love the “break it down” advice! So true! I needed to read this today!

  3. Jehava says:

    This is so very true! I relate to all of this!

  4. I have to say, I’m not always great about breaking things down and then acting on those small tasks but I’m working on! Great tips!

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